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Youth Board


The Community Chest Youth Board, under the guidance of board member Jackie Kaminer, is made up of local high school students. Students attend group planning meetings and provide outreach to other students, as well as volunteer their time at our many fundraising events throughout the year. The Community Chest Youth Board provides fresh young energy and vitality to our organization.



Sophie Cohen, Ross Frankel, Robby Goldberg, Brandon Kaminker, Max Kelstein
Alex May, Erin Schechter, Sammy Stern

Vice Presidents

Eitan Carroll, Justin Fliegel, Brian Gomberg, Bradley Hagen, Louis Halperin
Madison Israel, Barrett Rubin, Mychael Schnell, James Verschliser


Recipients of Community Chest South Shore 2016 Youth Board Senior Awards for Excellence in Community Service:

D.R.S High School: Yitzchak Carrol
HAFTR High School: Isaac Adlerstein
Hewlett High School:
Max Berman, Steven Cardile, Sabrina Feldman, Mason Fliegel, Ali Hagen
Adam Kahati, Casey Levy, Jesse Rosen, Ricki Sperry, and Justin Wolf
Lawrence High School: Owen Dredger
Lynbrook High School, Max Kemp




Our Youth Board serves up meals. Pictured with sponsors The Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburgh, Cedarhurst branch, at Applebee's FlapJack Breakfast on May 17, 2016.